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Report of the conference “Migration and Diaspora: Bridging the Gap between Research and Policy”

Ishep Albania 06/Dec/2016

The conference’s aim was to bring together scholars, entrepreneurs. civil society and policy makers dealing with migration issues, broadly understood, from Albania, Kosovo, Finland and host countries where the Albanian Diaspora reside, such as Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Greece. The main goal of this event was to become a point of contact and networking for scholars interested in the themes of the conference and at the same time bring together efforts, challenges and solutions coming from multi-stakeholders on the field of migration issues such as policy actors, researchers, entrepreneurs, civil society activists.


The welcoming speech of the International Conference was held by Prof. Dr. Shaban Buza, Rector of UGjFA and Prof. Ass. Dr. Mimoza Dushi, Conference Coordinator and Researcher of ICM Project. Mr. Janez Frrokaj, Deputy Minister of Diaspora, Kosovo addressed a speech on policies on Diaspora development and efforts to better coordination among different stakeholders working on Diaspora development. Dr. Erka Caro, facilitated the conference moderation for the first day of the Conference.


The keynote speech was addressed by Prof. Nathan Lillie, Professor of Social Policy, and University of Jyväskylä, Finland. Prof. Lillie’s speech was on “Cashing in on backwardness: labour migrants, market hegemony and false consciousness”.


The conference continued with two interlinked panels. The 1stPanel was on “The Albanian Diaspora Perspectives: Challenges, Strategies and Outcomes”, moderated by Gerti Boshnjaku, CEO of Business Magazine Albania and Chapter Director of Startup Grind Tirana, invited two successful entrepreneurs from Albanian Kosovan Diaspora, Mrs.Drenusha Shala, founder of Baruti GmBH and Edi Demaj, the founder of Rocket Fiber Internet, USA and partner at . The main issues brought up in this panel were related with the struggles and challenges that Diaspora’s entrepreneurs are facing while investing back home, their efforts to build bridges of transnational entrepreneurship with home and host countries. They contribute through knowledge transfer, such as bringing their human capital, new ideas and trade practices, innovative technological skills and entrepreneurship ideas, binging a new working culture hence contribute to their home countries’ development.


The 2ndPannel“ dealt with the issue of “Diaspora and Development: Bridging the gap between research, civil society and policy makers” and was moderated byIlir Gedeshi, Director of Center for Economic and Social Studies, Tirana. The speakers of this panel were Osman Osmani, UNIA, Switzerland; Shukrije Ramadani, Ministry of Diaspora, Switzerland; FahrijeTernava, Ministry of Internal Affair, Kosovo and Elvira Fetahu, University of Bologna, Italy.


The second day of the conference gave an opportunity for researchers on the field of migration to represent their findings.


Full Report: report-icm-conference-10-11-nov-2016

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