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Manuscript Guidelines

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    Journal of Science and Higher Education Research


    ISSN: 2413-774X


    [Times new roman 14, bold, centred, Upper Case] 

    Name Surname1, Name Surname2

    [Times New Roman, 12-point, bold, centred] 

    1Affiliation [12-point Times New Roman, Centered]


    2 Affiliation [10-point Times New Roman, Centered]




    Abstract [Times New Roman, 12-point, bold, left alignment]

    This template will assist you in formatting your manuscripts for the “Journal of Science and Higher Education”, issued by the Institute of Science and Higher Education Policy (ISHEP), which aims to provide an avenue for high-quality research  and to offer academic debate.

    An abstract is a 250-to-300 words on the top of the first page, after the title of the paper in abstract section that provides readers with a quick overview of your manuscript. It should express your main idea and your key points; it might also briefly suggest any implications or applications of the research you discuss in the manuscript.

    The whole manuscript should be written in English language on text processor e.g. Microsoft Word.

    [Times New Roman, 10-point, regular style, single-space justified alignment, margins all 2.5]

    Key words (up to 5): [Times New Roman, 10 point, in italics]



    The manuscript length, including figures, tables and references should not exceed 10 pages. The main text of the article should be divided into sections and might be divided into subsections. Section headings should be numbered in appropriate order, flush left, in capital letters. Use as many sections and subsections as you need (e.g. Introduction, Methodology, Results, Conclusions, etc.)

    [A4 format, Margins: all 2.5 cm or 1 inch, 12 pt, Times New Roman, single spaced, justified alignment]

    1.1.  Subsection [Times New Roman, 12-point, bold, left alignment, Capitalize the first letter]

    The text included in the sections or subsections must begin one line after the section or subsection title. Do not use hard tabs and limit the use of hard returns to one return at the end of a paragraph. Please, do not number manually the sections and subsections; the template will do it automatically. [Times New Roman, 12 points, single spaced, justified alignment]

    • Guidelines for Visuals

    Visuals as tables and figures (figures include graphs, charts, drawings, and photographs). Keep visuals as simple as possible. Label each table with an Arabic number-al (Table 1, Table 2, and so on) and provide a clear title. The label and title should appear on separate lines above the table, flush left and single-spaced. Below the table, give its source in a note. If any data in the table require an explanatory footnote, use a superscript lowercase letter in the body of the table and in a footnote following the source note. Single space source notes and footnotes and do not indent the first line of each note. For each figure, place a label and a caption below the figure, flush left and single-spaced. [There should be used Times New Roman, 10-pt. for tables, and figures.]

    •  Guidelines for Abbreviations and Acronyms

    Define abbreviations and acronyms the first time they are used in the text, even after they have been defined in the abstract. Do not use abbreviations in the title or heads unless they are unavoidable.

    • Guidelines for Page numbers and Footnotes

    The title page is unnumbered. Use Arabic numerals, beginning with 1, for the rest of the paper. Please each footnote, if any, at the bottom of the page on which the text reference occurs. Double space between the last line of text on the page and the footnote. Indent the first line of the footnote one-half inch (or five spaces). Begin the note with the superscript Arabic numeral that corresponds to the number in the text. [There should be used Times New Roman, 10-pt. for footnotes.]

    • Guidelines for References

    The reference list must be placed at the end of the document. Please write the book, journal, or paper series in italics as in the APA style. [There should be used Times New Roman, 10-pt. for references]