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Editorial Aims and Scope

admin 15/Feb/2016

The Aim and scope of the journal is to overview trends, to foster studies and scientific research in order to gain a common attitude and diversities as well toward latest challenges in different sciences, especially fostering innovative thinking and processes in social and applied sciences, given the context of emerging economies, societies and communities in general, as well as in Albania, Balkans and Central and East European countries.
We will bring together articles that examine the targeted areas here above, both theoretically and empirically. We will encourage national studies on issues related on the actual situation and the new trends of our national economy, society and politics, especialy academic and scientific ones with a strong innovation orientation and also comparative regional or global studies of emerging markets close to or aiming EU area, or studies comparing the emerging markets with the developed markets within EU and the Mediterranean space.
JSHER will contribute to such issues from global and regional perspective, geographic perspectives and from functional perspective (international trade, management, marketing, finance and accounting, entrepreneurship, banking, governance and social aspects focusing on problems and issues preoccupying Albania, Balkan and wider other inspiring countries to EU, democratization and free competition models of development).
The language of the Journal will be English.